Terms of service


At the moment you book your reservation, we will ask for a credit card number, which we will validate with the issuing institution. There will be no charge at the time of booking. When you make your reservation you will receive an email confirming the information about it. Once we validate your credit card will confirm the reservation by sending you a second email, and at this moment your room or the rooms will be confirmed. The reservation is canceled by the credit card provided to secure the rejected room at the time of the corresponding verification. You will receive an email notifying the cancellation.

Please read the policies of the Hotel Velvet Plaza that we detail below:


Any change in the reservation is subject to availability and re-pricing.

  • Deadline to modify or cancel reservation has to be 48 hours before your arrive, and no charge will be made.
  • If you cancel your reservation in less than 48 hours before your arrive, or you do not cancel it, you will be charge of 1 night cost.
  • No refunds for early departures.


  • Arrival – Check in: 3:00PM
  • Departure – Check out 1:00PM


It is required a credit card or guarantee (Deposit or Bank Transfer) to confirm the reservation. Your credit card will not be charged in advance of your stay.


We’re sorry, but pets are not allowed at the Hotel.


  • Hotel Velvet Plaza is not responsible for jewelry, objects or valuables left, lost and forgotten in the rooms.
  • The objects and values forgotten by a guest will remain in custody of the management of the Hotel Velvet Plaza for a term of 30 days; concluded this and to have no claim the Hotel is detached from all responsibility.
  • Hotel Velvet Plaza is NOT responsible for damage or theft caused to your vehicle in the hotel parking lot.